Using Resume Blog as Personal Blog

Someone on Mashable put up a social media quiz (I can’t find it right now) and it mentioned constantly updating your personal portfolio site with professional and personal (but not TMI personal) information.

So I thought, Why not?

What’s up this week:

  • Posted a couple articles on EcoStreets about Maglev and road construction.
  • Trying hard to establish a routine after temporarily moving back down from Reno to Las Vegas. I’m (hopefully) starting an internship with the City of Las Vegas. It’s tough being that family members keep showing up and wanting to stay up til 3 am.
  • Playing Wii. I don’t get to play so much when in grad school, so I’m taking advantage.
  • Working on a Flash “movie” with my niece who’s a great illustrator. Stay tuned for that 🙂
  • Working on a study to evaluate the economics of parking at Nevada universities.

That’s it so far. 🙂