Future of journalism lies in mentorship, not self-aggrandizing

Because we all know a few asshole editors.

Seriously, I find that many newsrooms foster an unhealthy competitive environment where journalists would rather slit each others' throats than collaborate on a story. A former Mizzou student in journalism told me tales of sabotage. This in the esteemed Reynolds School of Journalism.

It's really time to change that attitude from competition to collaboration, especially within the same news organization. So those self-aggrandizing editors-in-chiefs need to take a lesson from the sharing-is-caring generation – that's right, the Millennials.

My own experience with that kind of personality is from someone industry professionals constantly praise for being progressive and forward thinking. Really, all they do is make pretty visual media packages and the news organization they work for hasn't written a decent article since their "reign." This person will say they are all about getting different voices, point of views, and collaboration, but really they are all about appearances. After meeting some their new hires I came to realize that the news organization was much more interested in hiring beautiful assholes than community members with a penchant for investigation.

But I digress. Sort of. You see, ladies and jelly-spoons, my generation is all about the sharing and collaboration and not about the ego. We require mentors to guide the way, not editors who would throw a two year-old in the pool to teach it to swim. This is the kind of attitude fearless journalists like Charlotte-Anne Lucas has. She was an amazing journalist and equally great mentor.

I learned during one of my hardest journalism courses that journalists are really jealous of their position. That is, they won't allow just anyone to say they are a journalist without having jumped through fiery hoops. This is why citizen journalism was such an affront to the supposedly impervious constitutions of industry giants. They can't even collaborate with their own staff, what more Joe the Reporter off the street?

So the new thing is collaborative journalism, where I am totally on board. Send your collaborative ideas my way. 

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