Lost in fiction

Every once in awhile I like to lose myself in a series of sci-fi or fantasy novels. First it was Roald Dahl, then Lord of the Rings, then Harry Potter. I read Harry Potter over and over again until the seventh book finally came out. On the hunt for a new adventure, I came across the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde.

In Fforde's parallel reality, British policing agencies extend to time traveling, genetic and cloning experiments, and literary investigations. When I listened to the first novel's audiobook, I was really confused. Terms like "SpecOps" and "ChronoGuard" introduced and I had to listen over and over to make sure what I was hearing was right. Finally, I gave up and just borrowed the books from the library.

It's been a pretty good adventure with the long-sought after Strong Female Lead – Thursday Next is our hero. Yes, she does spend quite a lot of time worrying about her husband, Landen,  whose been "eradicated" (which means unscrupulous agents went back in time to make sure Landen didn't survive a car crash when he was just a baby). But it does turn the whole "damsel in distress" narrative on its head. Thursday is trying to save her husband from the fire breathing dragon of time.

Some of the dialogue, particularly in romantic scenes, feel out of place. But it could just my cold, cynical heart. I would still recommend this series for fans of sci-fi, Dickens, and female protagonists.

What other novels with Strong Female Leads have you read?

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