The iPad: Where are the women on Apple’s branding team? – Feministing

Ann on Feministing posted this neato picture of Steve Jobs holding up the iPad, which sounds suspiciously like a feminine hygiene product. But the iPad doesn’t come with wings, so boo on Apple for that!

Here is the problem with not doing user testing or doing bad user testing: you come out with products that sound terrible. I would think that Apple would have a great team of designers, engineers and marketers who would have said along the way, “Hey, that sounds like some you line your underwear with during a woman’s menstrual cycle.”

After a very lazy attempt at getting to the bottom of this, I have come up with two very weird facts:

1. None of the executives at Apple are women.
2. However, Andrea Jung, is on the board of directors and SHE WORKS AT AVON!

Take a moment.

I think Jobs should have to wear a Maxi Pad on his forehead for a month for this.

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