I like eating!

My mom gave in to the deep brown eyes and shiny bald head of Montel and bought his Health Master mixer. It is HUGE. I've yet to try out yet, though. 

So, in the spirit of eating healthy, I borrowed "The Food You Crave" by Ellie Krieger. She hosts Healthy Appetite on Food Network.

In case you thought this was going to be a post on the benefits of healthy and flavorful eating, it's not. 

I actually love the idea of borrowing cookbooks from the library. After a couple duds in an attempt to become a vegetarian, I now have several terrible cookbooks on my shelf collecting dust bunnies. At least someone can eat from it. 

I think this is the best method of trying out a cookbook. You don't have to spend 300+ days attempting each recipe à la Julie&Julia. Just pick a couple of recipes from each section that appeal to you: something simple, something complicated, something you love, something new, something a little beyond your talents. You get the picture. If you love the books' own renditions and can easily follow the recipes, buy it! If only so so, copy down the ones you liked. If not, send it back! 

Low risk – high reward. Those are my kind of economics. 

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